Do’s and Don’ts while driving in New Zealand



Driving in New Zealand is an enjoyable experience in itself. It let’s you take in all the nature and beauty at your own pace and gives you a memorable road-trip of trying to cover the most of the country without having to manage a set time-table made for a shuttle transfer.

When you are on a holiday, you want to be at leisure, take breaks at a pretty scenic look out, lay a picnic at the lake-side and be able to enjoy any breaks that you may want at ease. However, road tripping in New Zealand does come with its own do’s and don’ts. Read on to know more.

Do’s of Self-Driving Across New Zealand:

* Do bring along your full and valid national Driver’s License to be able drive in New Zealand. If your national Drivers License is not in English, you will also require a valid International Drivers Permit or a valid English Translation (stamped from an accredited source) to support your national Drivers License. You need to bring along physical and original copies of your Drivers Licenses to personally cite at the Car Rental branch.

* If your original Drivers License is not in English and you do not have enough time on hand to get an International Drivers Permit or get it translated from a valid source, you can also get a translation online. Most of the companies do accept English translation issued by Auckland Translations Ltd.

* DO bring along a Credit Card which has your name on it and is valid through your hire period as the rental companies need to take authorization and link it with your account to charge for any fines and infringements that you may incur while on hire. They also need this to hold the bond/excess amount if you are on their basic cover and have not opted for the full excess reduction option.

* Always make sure you are following New Zealand road rules and are wearing seat-belts.

* If you are unsure of the driving rules in New Zealand, it is a good idea to take this online test which will familiarize you with the basic rules and leave you confident enough before you hit the road –

* Do not use your phone will driving. Pull-over at a safe spot to send that quick text or use hands free devices to be able to talk while behind the wheels.

* Do bring along your portable (cigarette lighter pod) phone charger compatible with your phone that you can plug into your car to charge your phone on the go.

* Bring along an AUX cable so that you do not have to go searching for one and overspend on it.

* If you think everything is hunky dory with your vehicle and you have a little more time on hand, do go ahead and take the road less-traveled. You might just surprise yourself pleasantly by chasing rainbows, finding some unique flora-fauna or just finding your new favorite undiscovered spot!

* Do take weather conditions into consideration before venturing out on a road-trip. You do not want to get stuck in the messy road conditions. Checking out your weather app before leaving for not only your drive but for any activities, especially adventure activities, that you may have planned would be a smart thing to do.

* Do avoid driving on the challenging roads during the night time or when the weather is not too suitable or safe for driving. You sure do not want to get stuck in a landslide or a thunderstorm!

* Be smart enough to hire snow-chains from your rentals company if you are driving around the mountainous regions during the winter.

* It might cost you a little more, however, it is always a better idea to opt for the full excess reduction cover offered by the rental companies.

* Be well rested before you start driving. The road conditions in New Zealand is great and you may not realize the distance traveled, however, long drives can get tiring.


Don’ts of Self-Driving Across New Zealand:

* This is one is obvious but DO NOT Drink and Drive.

* New Zealand’s beauty might distract you a bit while you’re behind the wheels. Do not get confused suddenly that may cause crashing into someone or something.

* Do not stop just about anywhere on the highway. Do follow road signs and give proper signals if you need to break for an emergency.

* Even though there is not a lot of traffic in New Zealand, do not pull over anywhere to take a picture or a selfie as this might end up to be very dangerous for yourself and the other drivers as well.

* Do not get overwhelmed with the cars behind honking at you to let them pass. They perhaps would turn out to be other tourists who are unaware of the road rules. Follow the road and traffic rules as breaking them may incur heavy fines and the traffic officers here are pretty unapologetic and for good reasons! Give them way when you come across a spot on the road where overtaking is allowed.

* If you happen to pass through any toll-roads, be sure to pay-off the toll fees online on – .

* Do not be in a hurry to reach your destination. Do leave enough time on hand to comfortably reach your destination. Always check the expected time of arrival on Google Maps and add some buffer time to ensure that you have planned your travels well and would not have to rush even if you take a pit-stop to enjoy a quick bite or keep your insta-game strong with that super selfie at a great spot!

* Do get in touch with your Rental Provider to get the Roadside Assistance immediately after any unexpected incident. Do not wait until the time you drop off the vehicle and report an incident or a damage immediately after it takes

* Do not consume fuel to the last bit. There are many fuel stations across the country but not necessarily at a close distance from one another. Ensure that the vehicle has enough and more fuel to support the length of your drive.


These are some of the basic rules that you can follow while preparing for your epic New Zealand road-trip.

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