Groceries on the go!


While you would be keen to sample delectable world cuisines at restaurants that we recommend before you leave for your travels across New Zealand, buying knick-knacks and groceries will surely be a part of your epic road-trip!

While gliding through those smooth roads and scenic turn arounds, it is always better to stock up on some fresh berries and light snacks to enjoy while taking a quick pit-stop at a scenic lookout. The supplies for these impromptu picnics can be picked from these reputed super markets which you will find all across New Zealand. Some of these also have their stores on the highway closer to major towns which makes it easier for everyone to stop and purchase some necessities.

  1. PAK’nSAVE

This is ought to be one of the most cost-effective places to buy on the go food supplies and quick and easy cereal mixes for lazy breakfasts in bed and bottles of water for your road trip. They are one of the best places to buy groceries when it comes to the price point. If you see a PAKn’SAVE store, be sure to quickly make a pit stop to get the essentials. It is also a good place to buy chocolates to take back home. You will find something for everyone there. Upon check-out, keep your bill as often you will find offers on fuel which you can use to top up your car’s tank while road tripping further.


  1. The Warehouse

There are times when we lose out on some personal belongings while vacationing or need to re-stock on the toiletries supplies. The Warehouse could be the perfect place to buy these as they have deals going on through the year. You will be spoilt for choice in all the departments of the store and perhaps find little knick-knacks to take home.

  1. Countdown

Country’s favorite and quick supermarket, Countdown is similar to Woolworths in Australia. You will find a Countdown store in most of all the city-centers and busy suburbs as well. Countdown is the place to get all the supplies under one roof – from fruits and veggies to assorted breads to chips and drinks to laundry products. Countdown may not be as cost effective as PAKn’SAVE, however, you will find more Countdown Stores than any other supermaket franchises across the country. If you are going to be traveling for a long while, it would also be ideal for you to sign up for their rewards card which offers discounted purchase prices on selected products.

  1. New World

New World stores are ideal to go and purchase artisanal food items and food products from around the world. If you are a novelty seeker, this is the place for you. Naturally, it will also come at a price. Often, they hold tasting events at the store so that you can try out cheese, wine, craft beer and more.

  1. Fruit World


Fruit World stores are often spotted on the fringe of the cities and towns. These stores stock on some fresh produce from nearby farms and often have great offers on the fruits and vegetables as compared to the ones available at PAKn’SAVE and Countdown. You would perhaps end up buying a lot more without upsetting your wallet. After all, a few more creamy avocados always have all our heart!

  1. Farmers Markets

Most of the towns host their Farmers Markets on Sunday mornings. These have the best coffees and best produce from the regions proudly displayed and sold by the Farmers themselves. Yes, these are not available at your beck n call, however, it would be one of the nicest experiences while road tripping. Plan out your travels in a way that you fit in at least one Farmers Market experience while in New Zealand. If you are in the north and around Auckland, Matakana Farmers Market is one of the most loved to-do’s for the locals on Sunday mornings. The peanut butter sold there will make quite an impression on you and you may have to make room in your luggage to fit in those tasty tubs. Farmers Markets in Dunedin, Queenstown, Christchurch and Wellington are also most visited by the tourists.


Travanzo Holidays is managed by Sweta in India and Aayushi in New Zealand. The tips from the destination comes from Aayushi’s personal experiences after living in New Zealand for about 2 years now. Get in touch with Team Travanzo to design your tailor-made holiday to New Zealand NOW!