Say Cheese…!


New Zealand is world known for its massive dairy produce. There was a time when the cattle and sheep population ousted the human population in the country. One of the major exported products from New Zealand has also been the dairy and related produce.

With the rich dairy production, it is of no surprise that the travelers are also often tempted to try the cuisine that includes these products. While farm to table concept has been making waves around the food world, we are going to look at the make to taste concept when it comes to the melt-in-the-mouth cheeses produced in New Zealand.

Across both the main islands of New Zealand, Cheese is used in many recipes of the cafes, bistros, food joints, and restaurants representing various cultures of the world. From wedges to sliders to cheesecakes, cheese and its varieties are here to stay and we are not complaining.

While trying out all the delish food in New Zealand, we recommend you to also take some time out to visit the cheese factories that may not be too far away from where you will be and experience the make to taste of your favorite or we may say, the new favorite cheese variant.


To make it ch-easy for you, we have made a list of 5 cheese factories which are closer to the prominent tourist hotspots and can fit into any plan or itinerary. Visit these Cheese factories to learn the process of Cheese making and enjoy a platter of delicious assorted Cheeses to find your favorites to take back.

  1. Gibbston Valley Cheese – Queenstown

Located in Queenstown, this one would perhaps be the most convenient one for most travelers to visit as many travelers like to spend a major part of their New Zealand holiday in and around the beautiful Queenstown.

Gibbston Valley Cheese   makers produce a variety of cheeses using cow milk, goat milk and sheep milk. These are made using vegetarian rennet and are GE free. The hand-crafted cheese produced here are Feta, Gouda, Brie, Cheddar, Mozzarella and they also do flavored Cheese variants. You can buy Artisan Boxes to gift your loved ones and also indulge your taste buds at their restaurant as they use their Cheese variants as one of the ingredients to make some delicious dishes.

If this itself isn’t tempting enough, imagine having a celebration cake made of different cheese! We bet this would be something new that you would find here. A tiered tower of artisan cheeses, hand-selected to create a perfectly balanced and fabulous centerpiece for any special occasion!

  1. Whitestone Cheese – Oamaru

Whitestone Cheese  is another favorite based in the South Island. Visit this cheese factory to take behind the scenes look of their cheese making process and also sample their lip-smacking cheese variants. They have taken Cheese-crafting to a whole new level with their delectable Feta, Blue, Black Label, and Vintage cheeses along with the unique cheesecakes that they do. Their Windsor Vintage Blue cheese has won many international awards and thus it should be right up on your tasting list.

Whitestone Cheese also do caravan pop-ups at Sunday Farmers Markets based in Oamaru, Queenstown and Dunedin. You can also make sure to go get some cheese from there if you cannot make it to their factory.

  1. Barry’s Bay – Akaroa

Barry’s Bay Cheese  takes great pride in being the local cheesemakers and they source milk from a single farm in the same geographic area to ensure that every wedge of their cheese tastes consistent. They have always used the traditional method of making cheese called ‘knitting’ to make their fine cheese with a distinctive taste.

The Cheese Making season at Barry’s Bay is from October to May and you can check out their Cheese Making Calendar on their website to ensure you visit them on the day your favorite Cheese is being knitted.

Barry’s Bay produces Havarti, Blue, Cheddar, European Wheel, Flavored and Aged Cheeses.



  1. Il Casaro – Auckland region.

Il Casaro means “the Cheesemaker” in Italian. Located closer to Auckland, one of the main transit spots for tourists visiting New Zealand, Il Casaro is an Italian Cheesemakers and their production consists of different types of Italian Traditional Cheeses like Mozzarellas, Burrata, Ricotta, Stracchino, Provolone and Caciocavallos.

Sample some delish Italian dishes made with their Cheeses and treat your taste-buds.

These are some of the well-known Cheese Makers across New Zealand. If you don’t have time to seek out an artisan cheese factory or store, pick up a wedge from the supermarket, or better yet, order a cheese platter when you go wine tasting.

  1. Mudbrick Vineyard – Waiheke Island

Located at the scenic and gorgeous Waiheke Island, Mudbrick vineyard is one of our favorite vineyards on the island. The view from this vineyard and the happy vibe that this place gives makes one go happy in their head even before tasting their wines.

While tasting their wines, order a platter of Cheeses to enjoy cheese-tasting as well.

We bet, this will be a delicious experience and your palate will thank you.


These are some of the many Cheese-Tasting experiences that we recommend. Get in touch  with our experienced team to plan a bespoke holiday to New Zealand suiting your likes and preferences.