Why New Zealand?

Why New Zealand?

* New Zealand has an excellent tourism infrastructure.

* Kiwis are the most warm and friendly people you will meet.

* New Zealand has spectacular natural landscapes.

* New Zealand is neither too populated nor polluted.

* New Zealand is a safe, secure and politically stable country.

* New Zealand offers various experiences and there is something for everyone.

* You do not need any vaccination to visit New Zealand.

What to bring along?

* Bring basic woolens even if you are visiting in Summer as the weather in New Zealand changes anytime and many parts of New Zealand are windy throughout the year.

* Carry your favorite sunscreen, hat and sunglasses as the sun shines bright on most summer days.

* Winters are colder in the South Island and it snows as well. Bring along jackets, windcheaters, beanies and boots to keep yourself warm and cozy.

* Carry your prescribed medicines as you cannot buy medicines here without prescriptions from local doctors.


* New Zealand Dollar (NZD) is the official currency.

* Mostly, people here use plastic money and cash use is very minimal.

* All International Credit Cards are accepted as long as they are Visa/Mastercard/Amex and have your name on it.

* ATM card will work as long as they are encoded with a 4-digit pin prior to leaving home and have the Plus or Cirrus symbol on the back.